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Highlights san marino declaration | anniversary

san marino declaration

October 4th marks the anniversary of the signing by Stefano Boeri, together with Norman Foster and the governments present at the 83rd session of the UNECE (United Nations Economic Commission for Europe) Committee on Urban Development, Housing and Territorial Management of the “San Marino Declaration“, a set of “Principles for Sustainable and Inclusive Urban Design and Architecture” to be applied to the design of all buildings and urban developments.

The San Marino Declaration provides, for the first time, clear and action-oriented principles to strengthen the role of mayors, architects, engineers, urban planners, surveyors, developers and infrastructure managers in ensuring sustainable, safe, healthy, socially inclusive, climate-neutral and circularity-encouraging housing, urban infrastructure and cities.

“Architects and urban planners, at this moment in the history of the human species on the planet, have a fundamental responsibility: that of minimising carbon dioxide emissions and energy consumption, maximising devices that capture renewable energy, integrating ever greater shares of biological and vegetal surfaces into buildings, and adapting to a sustainable, electrified mobility model based on the public transport system,” commented Stefano Boeri.

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