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Bosco Verticale su Insider

The Insider website publishes an article entitled ‘How 8 energy-efficient buildings were designed to combat the effects of climate change’, citing Boeri Studio’s Bosco Verticale, completed in 2014 in Milan’s Porta Nuova district.

The article takes a look at international projects designed with a focus on sustainability and combating climate change – such as Copenhagen’s CopenHill or Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands – and also includes the Bosco Verticale, the prototype building of a new biodiversity architecture, which no longer focuses only on man, but on the relationship between man and other living species.

The Bosco Verticale is the first building in which the relationship with living nature has been considered a fundamental design criterion, and one of the ways in which urban forestation can be implemented, one of the strategies through which it is possible to bring thousands of trees and plants into the heart of a built city. In the case of the Bosco Verticale in Milan, the greenery present on the two towers – with over 800 trees and 20,000 plants, of which 15,000 perennials and/or ground cover plants) and 5,000 shrubs – is equivalent to 2 hectares of forest, even though it occupies a very limited area in the centre of Milan.

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