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san marino declaration

Stefano Boeri, together with Norman Foster and the governments present at the 83rd session of the UNECE Committee (The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe) dedicated to Urban Development, Housing and Land Management signed the “San Marino Declaration” or a set of “Principles for Sustainable and Inclusive Urban Design and Architecture” to be applied to the design of all buildings and urban developments.

“Architects and urban planners, at this time in the History of the Human Species on the Planet, have a fundamental responsibility: that of minimizing carbon dioxide emissions and energy consumption, maximizing renewable energy capturing devices, integrating increasing shares of biological and vegetated surfaces into buildings, and adapting to a sustainable, electrified mobility model based on the public transportation system. We will bring as an appeal to architects the San Marino Declaration-signed today with Norman Foster-to COP27 in Sharm El Sheikh in November, pledging to gather as many endorsements as possible,” commented Stefano Boeri.

The news was picked up by international publications, including Pambianco Design, Arch Daily, Archiportale, Requadro, ESG News