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Highlights january 14th | generosity – pirelli hangar bicocca

january 14th
generosity – pirelli hangar bicocca

January 14th, 2018

The upcoming weekend offers a perfect occasion to visit the new exhibition  Take me (I’m yours) and attend a dedicated event, involving several discussions under a common theme of “Generosity”. Stefano Boeri  will be involved, among over  twenty artists, architects, curators, critics and designers, in a conversation accompanied by interludes of performance and music.

The theme of the day is the generosity intended as a possibility of exchange, an engine capable of generating new ideas in art and culture and new possible visions of the society. These concepts, at the origin of the “Take Me (I’m Yours)” exhibition concept, are explored and discussed throughout the day in the exhibition space.
Starting from the vision given by the theorist Lewis Hyde in his essay The gift (1983) – a reflection on the role of the art work in keeping alive the value of generosity in contemporary society – some of the artists on show, together with theorists, scholars, protagonists of the artistic scene of the last decades, face key issues in deepening concepts such as exchange, sharing, free circulation of works and ideas. Can the idea of ​​generosity be a key to reading the relationship between different generations of artists, or between artists and public? Is the transmission of knowledge, both within institutionalized forms such as schools and academies, and through informal relationships such as support and exchange, still a possible way in art? In the society of sharing and free-domain, what are the possible forms of generosity?
Conversations try to answer these and other questions, inspired by the proximity between some of the artists present in “Take Me (I’m Yours)” and the figure of Lucio Fontana – whose exhibition “Ambienti / Environments” is present simultaneously in the spaces of Pirelli Hangar Bicocca – which represented a starting point in opening the work to a different involvement of the public,  fundamental as a model of generosity  for generations of artists after him.

The event starts at 11 am, Free admission, seating limited

For more information you are invited to consult the web site of Hangar Bicocca: