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Highlights hr congress 2022 | milano luiss hub

hr congress 2022
milano luiss hub

Thursday 12 May at 3.15 Hana Narvaez, director of Stefano Boeri Architetti, participates in the HR Congress 2022 organized by HRMagazine Belgium at Milan Luiss Hub. During the event, the architect Narvaez talks about the recent projects and Urban Forestry activities that Stefano Boeri Architetti is carrying out all over the world.

The event is attended by Bert Maes, Suyin Aerts, Inger Verhelst, Bart Cambre, Yves Kabwe Kazadi, Veronique Guilmot, Sofie Willox, Marieke Arnou, Katia Gyselinck, Eddy Derbulle, Geert Van Conkelberge, Hanan Challouki, Geert Walschap, Jens Deboeck and Gertlindeboen .

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