July 22, 2013

    An exhibition organized by Tommaso Sacchi has been inaugurated last Saturday, July 20 at the Centre of the Visual Arts of  Pietrasanta (Lu). It’s venue in Via dei Frati, 6 will host the pictures by Paolo Rosselli, video installations by Carlo Alberto Mari  and a marble model of La Villa Mèditerranèe realized by Robot city (Carrara, Ms) until September 15 2013 every day from 19 to 24.

    The exhibition is a part of the collective art exhibition “Italy/ France – the Innocence du réel / Innocence of reality” and began as a photo-video-sculptural narration about the waterfront architecture in a direct dialogue with surrounding it water mirror.

    The exhibition is divided into three sections and consequently three languages ​​that measure up to the building: the photographs of Rosselli highlight the relationship between the architectural structure and the body of water from which it takes life, the video installations (Carlo Alberto Mari ) made by the fixed camera demonstrate how the public, visitors, traders, are measured with the architecture. The sculpture made out of single block of Carrara marble (by Robot City) highlights the plasticity and the uniqueness of the architectural design and emphasizes the structural peculiarities, first of all, the big overhang that forms the exhibitional floor of the center of Marseille.