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competition won

Vinto il concorso per il Masterplan di Chalupkova

Stefano Boeri Architetti has won the competition for the Masterplan of Chalupkova, in the Nivy district of Bratislava.

The project, to be published in June 2024, spans 3 hectares in one of Bratislava’s most prestigious locations, near the Danube River and the Old Town. Historically, this area was dominated by significant industrial centers. Due to its economic importance, it became a target of the first air raid on the city during World War II. As a result, the area was partially abandoned, and over time, the factories ceased operations, aiming to become a new district and the focal point of the renewal of the Slovak capital.

The intervention, which incorporates a variety of functions including residential, office, fitness, and recreational spaces, revolves around the creation of a central park that serves as a focal point for the community. This park will not only provide an accessible and open environment to the community but will also serve as a hub for various public activities.

The design emphasizes integration with the surrounding urban environment: buildings are constructed with ground floors that open up to the landscape, inviting interaction and connection with the city. The layout of the buildings also favors porosity, with pathways, open spaces, and common areas connecting the central park to the surrounding neighborhood. This approach enriches the urban fabric, improving accessibility, and promoting interaction among residents.

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