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Highlights can nature humanize the city? | february 20th

can nature humanize the city?
february 20th

Can nature humanize the city? This is the question asked by Le Monde and Le Temp, respectively the French and Swiss newspapers, as organizers of a prestigious series of debates scheduled for Thursday 20 February in Geneva, on the occasion of the launch of the Le Monde Cities Urban Innovation Award. From the green facades of the Vertical Forest in Milan to the Urban Forestry, nature seems to act as a fundamental ally for the development of contemporary cities and against the climatic emergency, so that the metropolises do not become unliveable urban heat islands and, indeed, collaborate in the storage of CO2 and oxygen production. Urban ecosystems, urbanized nature and the alliance between the human being and the green system are just some of the themes proposed during the morning, in which Stefano Boeri Architetti takes part at a round table with the figure of Maria Francesca Tatarella.

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