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tirana 2030

An article in the East Journal that celebrates the centenary of Tirana as the capital of Albania, depicting it as a territorial reality tending towards the future, able to accommodate the new urban plan drawn up by Stefano Boeri Architetti and named TR030.

The project has the ambition to transform the capital into an eco-sustainable city – a Kaleidoscopic Metropolis – characterized by ecological corridors, by targeted interventions of Urban Forestatry and a rediscovered balance between built spaces and nature. An Atlas, a Fresco and a Guidelines Charter are the three pillars on which the design is based to tackle the great themes of the contemporary city, making Tirana a new capital capable of reducing the population development forecasts of the urban area by two thirds, to favour of a green city accessible to all, in the name of functional plurality and mix of activities. In detail of the plan, the program envisages the construction of twenty new schools – overlooking a network of open spaces and equipped with cultural activities and services to the citizen – and the increase of green surfaces in the city through a multiple intervention, which involves the construction two cycle paths, tree-lined and pedestrian within the central area, a large natural oasis around Lake Farka and new green strips on the edge of the waterways.

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