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the future of milan

On France 2 and Fanceinfo, an article and a video that tell the future of Milan, aiming to become the greenest Italian city in Italy.

The Lombard capital foresees the planting of 3 million trees in 10 years, creating 29 new urban parks dedicated to the community. With such an upheaval in urban planning, authorities are hoping to lower temperatures to reduce the “heat island effect”.

“The temperature difference between the highly urbanized areas of the city centre and the other greener areas is impressive”, says Pierfrancesco Maran, Councilor for Urban Planning, Green and Agriculture. “There can be a difference of five degrees during the summer”.

A reflection by Stefano Boeri takes space, in the report, to shed light on the tragic experience of the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. “In Lombardy, mortality linked to Covid-19 is the highest in Europe”, says the architect, “and the polluted environment increases the risk of severe respiratory symptoms. We understood during the worst part of the epidemic that people with weak lungs developed the most severe forms of the disease. A turnabout is necessary”.

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