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Video vesparch | milano archweek 2018

milano archweek 2018

What better way to observe architecture closely, experience urban spaces and be conquered by the beauty of the city? Stefano Boeri conceived Vesparch, inspired by the film “Dear Diary” by Nanni Moretti (1993) and  the iconic Italian Vespa Piaggio. He has created a real format of two-wheeled architecture tour, first proposed in Milan and destined to spread through the other Italian cities and European capitals. Vesparch is a series of  itineraries to be explored while riding an urban scooter, with in-depth lessons taking place directly on site. A way to move easily in traffic to reach the most interesting works from an architectural point of view.

Vesparch becomes a unique opportunity to stop, observe, discuss and reflect on some important architectural works and urban events of the city.

On May 27th, during Milan Arch Week 2018, Stefano Boeri and Cino Zucchi led a special Vesparch through 10 checkpoints:

A  Torre al Parco di via Revere 2
B  Abitazioni/Uffici di via Leopardi 15
C  Edificio Residenziale in Piazzale Aquileia
D Istituto Beata Vergine Addolorata di via Calatafimi 10,
E Edificio residenziale in via S.Croce 3
F Edificio residenziale di via Vigoni 13
G Edificio per appartamenti, uffici e negozi di Corso Italia 22-24
H Casa di Caccia Dominioni in Piazza S.Ambrogio 16
I Abitazioni di via S.Marta 12
L Edificio residenziale di Piazza S.Marco 1