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Video stefano boeri, long-terms perspectives | broken nature at la triennale di milano

stefano boeri, long-terms perspectives
broken nature at la triennale di milano

On Tuesday, June 19th, to open the debate around the upcoming XXII Triennale of Milan, Broken Nature – A public symposium curated by Paola Antonelli, curator of the Department of architecture and design of the MoMA in New York, director of Research and Development of the same museum and headed of the curatorial team of the XXII Triennale. Starting from simple questions but, especially in this historical period, more urgent than ever such as: how can designers, scientists, politicians and scholars help citizens to constructively tackle the most urgent problems related to the natural and social environment ? Or, how can they encourage people to divert attention from personal, private and immediate concerns and bring individual initiatives together in a collective, systemic, long-term perspective? And again, what strategies can designers, architects and scientists put in place to tangibly modify the world that humans inhabit and contribute to forming? He opened the symposium, subdivided into the four sections “Reconstituting Design”, “Magic Pragmatism”, “Complex Systems” and “Long-Term Perspectives”, Stefano Boeri, new president of La Triennale who referred to the technosphere, condition of our era, placing the question of what and how we can give back to the natural sphere of what we stole from it and how to rethink technology and nature. The meeting was attended by scholars and researchers working in various fields.