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Video homo faber 2018: best of europe | talk with stefano boeri and jean blanchaert

homo faber 2018: best of europe
talk with stefano boeri and jean blanchaert

On Friday, September 14th at the Squero Conference Hall in San Giorgio Maggiore in Venice, on the occasion of the opening of Homo Faber 2018, the two curators of Best of Europe Stefano Boeri and Jean Blanchaert presented the exhibition and the basic idea of their project. River Europe is the name of the exhibition that showcases the variety, complexity and excellence of European craftsmanship.

“We search to structure a multitude of objects, different for origin, size, material and function, we tried to follow Jean’s creative process, understanding the way in which he had selected and  associated the objects. As a river that is made of a riverbed, embankments, emissaries and tributaries, the River Europe expresses the relationship of congruity between one object and another. Sometimes the association is formal, sometimes it is purely based on material, sometimes it is linked to the geopolitical and geographical functionality or assonance. It couldn’t but be a river: a single element capable of giving homogeneity to a kaleidoscope of objects extraordinarily different and extraordinarily representative of Europe that is, in fact, characterized by extreme diversity”  Stefano Boeri esplains.

The video is produced by Michelangelo Foundation for Creativity and Craftsmanship published on youtube: