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Taipei Pop Music Center

Taipei Pop Music Center



Taipei Pop Music Center


Taipei, Taiwan




Pietro Chiodi (coordinatore)

Martina Barcelloni Corte

Moataz Faissal Farid

The Taipei Pop Music Center:

1. Creates a necessary void within the city
Located within an area of high rise development the project chooses to minimize its built presence engendering new space for public uses.

2. Generates a high intensity urban park
Pop Music Center and park are combined into a single element where programs and nature live off each other to create a new model of symbiotic urban organism.

3. Completes a green system for the city
The Pop Park creates continuity between Nangan mountain and the city parks creating a large-scale green spine within Taipei.

4. Creates a contemporary landmark
The creation of an open, public green space is a declaration for the sustainable future of the contemporary city (not to build is today a more radical decision); a place for collective gatherings and at the same time a solid inheritance for future generations.ù

5. Multiplies the potential public space
The proposal to overlay the park and the activities of the Music Pop Center triples the area destined for public activities. It is a sort of “public building” that rather than consuming urban ground creates more of it.

6. Creates a high intensity slab
The project is structured in a system of individual and highly characterized plazas and spaces for entertaiment that spread intensity through the whole area while permitting flexible and multiple uses of the Center for different activities.

7. Offers a protected yet open space
The project continuously connects the different levels of the park and the Pop Center, creating spaces that are protected even while maintaining a close relation with nature and open spaces.

8. Is a hyper-connected machine
The incorporation of pedestrian conveyor belts and escalators, used to connect the different and heterogeneous programs, allows visitors to use the whole length of the area in a dynamic way.