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shanghai hecheng renovation

shanghai hecheng renovation



Stefano Boeri Architetti China


Shanghai, China




Zhengzhou Lvdu Real Estate Co.,Ltd, Zhao


Concept design, final and detailed design, construction supervision



Stefano Boeri
Yibo Xu
Pietro Chiodi

Yifan Xu
Yitao Huang
Zhiyang Huang
Wenhai Zhu

In recent years, the exponential development in the field of mobile technologies, the digital economy and the sharing of information has led to profound reflection on the design of office space.
Active for two years in this sector and constantly expanding, the Chinese MORE brand has entrusted Stefano Boeri Architetti China (led by Stefano Boeri and Yibo Xu with Design Director Pietro Chiodi) with a pilot intervention designed to be a model both for the country and on an international level. The result was Shanghai Hecheng Renovation, a newly conceived space created through the renovation of the Hecheng Building, a large office block in Shanghai. The intervention is part of the “Renovation” strategy developed by Stefano Boeri Architetti China which provides an extensive technological and expressive “upgrade” programme for modern Chinese architecture.

Distancing  itself from the traditional office building format, MORE: 001 explores future spatial and relational models which draw on different innovative elements taken from the experience of the Vertical Forest. The existing building is protected by a new skin: an abstract “forest” formed by a regular sequence of white painted aluminum lamellae that in addition to shielding the interior from the sun’s rays, also harmonize the design of the elevations in a uniform rhythm.

Similarly, the interiors are treated like a real “landscape” through the introduction of elements such as vegetation, sunlight and sustainable materials. The heart of the building is developed around a panoramic helical staircase, itself wrapped around a central five-metre-wide gap which calls to mind the famous Guggenheim spiral in New York. An articulated system of shared spaces on each floor promotes interaction between workers even in separate working sectors with obvious advantages in terms of comfort and the informal sharing of knowledge.
MORE: 001 Jingan Creative Park represents the first step in a vast programme that will expand the design interaction between Stefano Boeri Architetti China and MORE in a number of different directions.


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