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Il Parco dell’Abitare

Il Parco dell’Abitare



Boeri Studio (Boeri, Barreca, La Varra)


Roma, Italia




Quadrante s.p.a.


Studio di fattibilità


SLP 187.500 sqm


Stefano Boeri, Gianandrea Barreca, Giovanni La Varra,
con Corrado Longa (coordinamento), Eleanna Kotsikou

The Parco dell’Abitare is an experimental district surrounded by greenery to encourage the meeting of different communities respecting the differences and encouraging the exchange of experiences, practices and languages. The Torre Spaccata area is one of the eighteen great knots of the urban and territorial development of Rome which is the only contiguous to a large urban park, that of Centocelle. This is why the centrality of Torre Spaccata is dedicated to living in the green.

The project proposes to create a Parco dell’Abitare: a new idea of ​​integration between different communities, which respects differences and fosters the exchange of experiences, practices and languages. Together and independently. Different, but close. A multiplicity of lifestyles and consumption, income brackets and housing forms will be brought together in a single neighborhood. The concrete utopia of different communities that share the space of a park, according to a proximity relationship and not a cohabitation obligation. To guarantee each different lifestyle, autonomy and identity are the individual Residential Islands, each of which responds to the needs of a particular group of users, in terms of comfort, security, accessibility.

A long and continuous corridor of green destined for pedestrians and bicycles and accessible from the adjacent districts, unites – through a naturalized artificial hill that overlaps the barrier of via Togliatti – the new Parco dell’Abitare and the Centocelle Park, thus combining two parts of cities today divided. A Park-archipelago where the green is the collective space and the Islands are the residential nucleuses.

Each Residential Island hosts services dedicated to its inhabitants, but also a portion of services dedicated to the entire Abitare Park, such as sports-related services (tennis courts, swimming pools), leisure time (gardens, spaces for children, areas ludicoricreative), training and culture (kindergartens, study rooms, spaces for associations)

The spaces for children – in the individual residential islands, in the green of the islands – are the glue of the Parco dell’Abitare. Kindergartens, nursery schools, green spaces and those equipped for play, playrooms, and a large interactive museum dedicated to games and training, are intended to welcome the children of the Abitare Park, but will have the power to attracting children and their families from all over the city, even reaching out to tourists.

The archaeological gardens within the Parco dell’Abitare have been conceived as playgrounds in an attempt to familiarize children with the legacy of the ancient city.