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smart forest city

On WyTec, a short article on the concept of Smart Forest City, conceived by Stefano Boeri Architetti as a step forward in the direction of a turnaround in comparison with the current climate emergency. A continuous work carried out by the Studio made of designers and architects whose plans combine sustainable energy, biodiversity and technology of smart cities.

Cities, which contribute to a large extent to climate change, can now play an essential role in the path towards a climate change reversal solution by integrating city-city infrastructure with forest vegetation. Temperatures continue to rise day by day, causing problems such as the “heat island” effect, a topic addressed in the Urban Forestry manifesto drawn up by SBA, closely connected with the need to increase the biodiversity of living species, making cities safer, more pleasant, healthier and more attractive.

An example of Smart Forest City designed by Stefano Boeri Architetti is the one of Cancun: an urban reality that extends for 557 hectares, capable of hosting up to 130 thousand inhabitants, capable of accommodating 362 hectares of plant surfaces and 120,000 plants belonging 350 different species, based on the design of an open and international city inspired by the values of technological innovation and environmental quality.

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