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Nuovo Policlinico di Milano su Sacyr

The Spanish website Sacyr dedicates an article, entitled “A ‘green’ hospital in the centre of Milan”, to the project for the new Polyclinic of Milan by Boeri Studio.

The project, located in the historic centre of Milan, aims to restore a health citadel where the different services are housed in separate buildings and connected by mostly external routes, restructuring and expanding the Policlinico Mangiagalli and the Regina Elena Hospital.
The new Polyclinic represents a challenge not only from a construction point of view, but also for the environmental advantages it incorporates: in fact, the project not only consists of two buildings (north and south) for in-patient care and a central building – for a total of over 700 beds and 100. 000 square metres of hospital space – but it also presents a roof garden of over 7,000 square metres, whose use is initially reserved for the in-patients and operators of the various wards, but which in the future will be open to the public for special events of a recreational and therapeutic nature.

Among the main Urban Forestation projects planned in Milan, the roof garden of the Polyclinic is enriched by the added value linked to the chromo-therapeutic potential of its landscape, with its changing essences in the different seasons. It also contains a rehabilitation garden, furrowed by paths with different levels of difficulty linked to various types of paving.

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