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Within the German site Neue Energie, an article titled “More Green Instead of Gray” focuses on the consequences of climate change and the policies to counteract it, presenting Boeri Studio’s Bosco Verticale as a virtuous example.

“Extreme heat is the deadliest of all extreme weather phenomena,” warned Eleni Myrivili, then responsible for climate welfare in Athens, in April 2022. Today, she holds the same position at the United Nations. Many trees, green spaces, and bodies of water to break the monotony of concrete, shaded squares in summer, ecological corridors, natural shading, green plants on building facades: these solutions could be vital for the survival of the urban environment in the future.

In this context, Bosco Verticale, inaugurated in 2014 in the Porta Nuova district of Milan, stands out. It hosts 800 trees (480 large trees, 300 smaller trees), 15,000 perennial and/or ground-covering plants, and 5,000 shrubs. This vegetation, equivalent to that of 30,000 sqm of forest and undergrowth, is concentrated on 3,000 sqm of urban surface, bringing all the benefits of integration with architecture: natural shading, CO2 absorption, noise and fine dust pollution reduction, oxygen production, humidity regulation, and biodiversity multiplication.

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