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Highlights smart city italia | stefano boeri

smart city italia
stefano boeri

Stefano Boeri a Smart City Italia

On Friday, July 5th, from 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM in Milan, the event “Smart City Italia“, organized by the newspaper Il Foglio, with Stefano Boeri participating, takes place.

The event focuses on the present and future of cities, with an optimistic view on “algorithms” and “possible revolutions,” sustainability, water, technology, and innovation.

In this context, Stefano Boeri presents some of the visions of Stefano Boeri Architetti, such as the Smart Forest City of Cancun. This urban planning project for a new Forest City in Mexico spans 557 hectares and can accommodate up to 130,000 inhabitants. The metropolitan area will include 362 hectares of green surfaces and 120,000 plants belonging to 350 different species, designed as an open and international city inspired by values of technological innovation and environmental quality.

Other guests include Lorenza Baroncelli, Architect and Urbanist; Francesco Billari, Rector of Bocconi University; Roberta Cocco, Expert in Female Digital Empowerment; Maurizio Crippa, Deputy Director of Il Foglio; Regina De Albertis, President of Assimpredil Ance; Giorgio Gori, Member of the European Parliament; Guido Guidesi, Economic Development Councillor of Lombardy Region; Alessandro Magnino, Director of Vodafone Business Italia; Maria Grazia Mattei, President of MEET Digital Culture Center; Michele Masneri, Journalist at Il Foglio; Beppe Sala, Mayor of Milan; Sergio Savaresi, Professor at Politecnico di Milano.

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