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interview with stefano boeri

Intervista a Stefano Boeri su Il Giorno

Inside Il Giorno Giulia Bonezzi interviews Stefano Boeri following the catastrophic climatic events that have affected Italy and, in particular, Milan.

The article focuses on prevention and urban resilience, solutions to defend against exceptional but increasingly frequent events, as a result of climate change. Starting from the victory of Green Obsession, an approach to architecture and urban planning by Stefano Boeri Architetti that focuses on urban forestry and the multiplication of trees in the city, the SDG Action Award of the UN, the interview presents some of the concrete actions that can be put in place to protect the urban environment and prevent major damage due to climate behaviour.

“We must learn to design our cities thinking that plants are not a marginal, aesthetic part, but a fundamental piece of our and their lives. As we have learned to manage seismic risk, classifying buildings according to how they are made and where they are located, we also need to monitor and prevent our trees. By protecting them we protect ourselves and the future of our children.
And then, given that what happened in Milan is really extreme because with gusts over a hundred per hour flying roofs, sometimes cars and even trees, to protect our plants we must monitor them. Knowing each one’s vegetative state, but also evaluating the areas at greatest risk, such as the great avenues where the wind channels with a “canyon effect”, and based on it the resilience of the different essences. Like we do with the woods. In short: consider nature as an integral part of the city and take care of both, protecting them” says Stefano Boeri.

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