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Press release horticultureweek | the successful podium lanscapes

the successful podium lanscapes

January 30th, 2018

The Horticultureweek mentions Vertical Forest in Milan as one of the successful podium landscapes in the world. “Podium Landscapes” was the theme of the 10th Palmstead Soft Lanscaping Workshop which welcomed speakers Laura Gatti (Landscape Designer), Dan Pearson (Garden Designer), Nigel Dunnett (Planting Designer) and Tim O’Hare (Soil Scientist) to share their experiences and ideas about podium lanscapes.

Laura Gatti (Landscape designer of Vertical Forest) explained the reasoning behind creating a Vertical Forest in one of the most crowded and polluted areas of Europe. Stefano Boeri and Laura Gatti thought that they could contribute to significant energy savings and help improve the environment by bringing soil and vegetation on and around the building.

The Vertical Forest works as an attractor to many species, becoming a magnet and a symbol of the recolonization of the city by nature. It is a model of vertical densification of nature within the city that operates in relation to policies for reforestation and naturalization of large urban and metropolitan borders.The concept of the Vertical Forest is now being replicated across the world in UtrechtLausanneTiranaParisEindhoven and Nanjing.