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The industry website dsignbit publishes an article titled “Green Living Heights, The Sustainable Vision of Trudo Vertical Forest,” presenting the Trudo Vertical Forest project designed by Stefano Boeri Architetti in Eindhoven.

The article focuses on the social and environmental sustainability of the project. Trudo Vertical Forest is indeed the first example of a vertical forest entirely dedicated to social housing, aiming to address the dual challenge of providing affordable housing in modern cities and minimizing environmental impact.

Part of the urban renewal plan for “Strijp-S” – an area formerly owned by the electronics company Philips, a significant identity in the region – Trudo Vertical Forest creates a new green habitat within the metropolitan environment to foster biodiversity. It constitutes a true ecosystem fueled by the presence of 135 trees of various species, along with approximately 5,200 shrubs and smaller plants, totaling around 8,500 plants. This greenery is capable of combating air pollution by absorbing CO2 and fine particles, evolving the model first experimented in Milan and now reaching the Netherlands as a new paradigm of design. In this approach, vegetation and living nature are considered integral elements – no longer just ornamental – of the architectural language.

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