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interview with stefano boeri

Within the tenth issue of Dromos, an ANVUR-accredited, international periodical journal of Architecture, an interview by Maria Gelvi with Stefano Boeri entitled “Experiments in Language” investigates the theory and the way architecture is interpreted by Stefano Boeri Architetti studio.

The issue is entitled Looks at Italian Architectural Design Theory Aimed at Future Architects, and includes contributions from several architects and experts in the field on the more theoretical and conceptual aspects of architecture-including Franco Purini, Luca Molinari, Sara Marini, Carmen Andriani and others.

Stefano Boeri focuses on his vision of architecture, exemplified by the Bosco Verticale project in Milan and the publication Green Obsession (Actar, 2021), which places living nature on the same plane as the basic elements of architectural design, integrating it of the design of a building or city.

“From the Bosco Verticale in Milan, several Vertical Forests projects around the world were born, almost by offspring. […]
These are projects that, we hope, will increasingly have a real positive impact on the lives of inhabitants and citizens. […] Thinking about new ways of inhabiting the cities of the future, with a view to greater integration with the environment, less consumption of resources – I am referring to land and energy consumption, but also to water consumption, which is a fundamental issue today – is the challenge that we must increasingly set ourselves and that design and architecture must urgently take up.” says Stefano Boeri.

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