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Press release donna moderna | in the heart of the new amatrice

donna moderna
in the heart of the new amatrice

October 17th, 2017

Donna Moderna in the special issue “365 days in the places of the earthquake”, goes in Amatrice and reports – through photos and interviews – about The new square of Taste, Tradition and Solidarity of Amatrice, the food area as entitled by the Mayor Pirozzi, designed by Stefano Boeri Architetti. The new wooden complex  hosts eight restaurants (the historical signes of Amastrice) which give work for more than an hundred people. A space created to give continuity to the activities that have been destroyed, as Stefano Boeri says: “Work is an extraordinary glue between the communities and the territory, without which you risk losing contact with families already displaced”. With this project Stefano Boeri Architetti wanted to demonstrate that it is possible to build with quality even in emergency situations and with long temporary nature.