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Inside Corriere della Sera, an article by Stefano Bucci presents Stefano Boeri Architetti’s masterplan for the Ramagrama Stupa in Lumbini, Nepal, which aims to enhance one of the most significant representative places in the Buddhist world.

Ramagrama is the municipality situated in Parasi district in western Nepal on the banks of the Jharahi River, just 50 kilometers east of Lumbini (the birthplace of Buddha). One of Buddhism’s most important historical, cultural and religious sites is located here: the Ramagrama Stupa is in fact the last site housing part of Buddha’s relics to remain intact.
The Ramagrama Stupa, dated back to the earliest period of the Buddhist tradition, presents itself today as a green mound, crowned by a majestic Bodhi Tree which integrates four distinct plant species, reflecting the unity and harmony of Buddhism’s core teachings.

In line with Stefano Boeri Architetti’s design philosophy of integration between living nature and architecture, the masterplan includes a central element – the ‘Peace Meadow’ – conceived as an open space for contemplation, with a design that recalls the mandala and the symbolic role of the place. The large central Meadow, 600 metres in diameter, is surrounded by a circular system of facilities, cultural spaces and areas for meditation and prayer covered by the Biodiversity Ring Garden. 

The news was also reported by ArtDaily, Buddhistdoor Global, PR Newswire Asia.