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80 projects made by architecture students for amatrice’s future

Two years after the terrible night of the 24th of August 2016, Amatrice remembers the earthquake and looks ahead, two the future of its younger generation through the eyes and the projects made by young students of the School of Urban Design, Building and Architectural Engineering of the Politecnico di Milano.

Recontruction Lab Amatrice, guided by Stefano Boeri and by his collaboartors Jacopo Abbate, Rossella Ferorelli, Martina Mitrovic, Azzurra Muzzonigro e Livia Shamir, has seen 80 students coming from all over the world making surveys on the territories that have been hit by the earthquake and than working at 15 different projects that envision different developpment strategies for Amatrice.

“All the work has been done with an exceptional enthusiasm”, Boeri says.

Ritracing a memory map is for sure the starting point, the second step is creating a new geography that takes into consideration all the transformations that occured after the earthquake on the one hand and that focuses on social, cultural, demographic processes that coould be their consequences on the other hand.

The final target is the one of shaping a future vision; in this perspective Bag project follows Nature and its productive cycles intergrating them in the urban environment and focuses on agriculture that becomes a sort of engine for sustainable turism also taking into consideration the center of Amatrice, imaging greenhouses and a botanic garde. Ecotone gives a different reading of Amatrice where streets, squares and public places are conceives as interiors, while houses and shops turn into public spaces. Nature Matters proposal is to rebuild the natural soil and the original landscape from which the only buildings that survived the earthquake stand out. Slow City works with light structures that redesign old buildings’ shapes in order to ship Amatrice out from the emergency towards the design of a new territory that multiplies aggregation spaces. The Green Valley foresees the “green opportuninty” for Amatrice of developping a big urban park that integrated the damaged center and interacts with all palces that deal with social and public life: scholls, markets and exposition centers.

In this way Stefano Boeri gives new energies to a territory tha he knows very well and wher he has already worked designing the Amatrice Food Area, realized thanks to the funds collected from Corriere della Sera’s readers and TgLa7‘s sensitive audience and thanks to the work of all the companies belonging to Filiera del legno friulana, and where he has just presented his new project The House of the Future – Study Center Laudato Si’ for the recovery and functional restoration of the Don Minozzi Complex in collaboration with Laudato Sì Communities and Slowfood.

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