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shenzhen rehabilitation center

On BuildingCuE, an online magazine that collects news from the world of civil engineering, construction and architecture, the project of the Shenzhen Rehabilitation Center signed by Stefano Boeri Architetti. A building that opens to an inclusive future, selected by an international jury and preferred to the various projects submitted to the international competition, due to the large footprint it would bring in modern architecture, similar to the issues of disability related to the environment, as a therapy positive on the human being, offering the possibility of inclusion with the outside world by effectively eliminating the remote philosophy of a rehabilitation center as a place of psychophysical suffering.

The Rehabilitation Center in Shenzhen, in fact, does not want to be a simple rehabilitation center used in the period of hospitalization, but a place of well-being where you are in close contact with nature. The building is completely surrounded by greenery, with terraces dedicated to indigenous gardens that will be used for therapeutic purposes, both physical and sensory thanks to and above all to a careful selection of trees and plants used, as always, as aromatherapy or for healing properties.

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