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restore oxygen into the city

On B2BUILD an article that shows the developments of the first project signed by Stefano Boeri Architetti in Belgium, the Palazzo Verde of Antwerp: a new reference point for the Nieuw Zuid district, whose general plan foresees that 60% of the surface is dedicated to green areas. The attention put in the design of a livable and green roof is the core of the project, in a succession of hanging gardens, balconies and loggias capable of hosting a significant amount of trees and shrubs that return oxygen to the city.

The public and private spaces of the Palazzo Verde merge into each other, in a succession of courtyards and terraces, respectively on the fourth, sixth and seventh floors, welcoming the planting of 86 trees, 2,200 shrubs and perennials, covering an area of ​​430 square meters.

Considered as inhabitants like humans, the green elements become the protagonists of a design that makes Urban Forestry its aim at wider scales, of which, among others, the Vertical Forest of Milan is also the protagonist, the first example of colonization of the city by nature.

To read the entire article, consult the annual B2BUILD 2019-2020.