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schools open 24 hours a day

February 22nd, 2018

Can a school building be conceived in an entirely new way? Numerous studies in the field confirm that the fast development of the society, technologies and the constantly changing life circumstances require certain flexibility of the educational system. But while we are quite used to the necessity of updating didactic methods and plans, it comes less obvious that the school spaces require adaptation as well.  “The new school hosts meetings, discussions, dialogs for associations without head offices. It opens the doors to those seeking a space to start a social and cultural venture. It welcomes book clubs and organizes courses to explore the most intriguing, bizarre and extreme depths of knowledge.”

The three new structures will be integrated into Stefano Boeri Architetti’s competition-winning masterplan for Tirana, positioned within key social nodes of the Albanian capital’s northwest quarter: the neighborhoods of Don Bosco, Kodër-Kamëz and Shqiponja Square. Multiple schools will be housed within each of the three structures, which will also contain meeting and social spaces open and available to the entire community.