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smart forest city di cancun

On AD Mexico an article that tells the reality designed by Stefano Boeri Architetti for the Smart Forest City in Cancun, Mexico: an urban planning project commissioned by the Karim’s Group and divided into five sectors focused on innovation and sustainability, mixing and balancing green and built spaces. With a proportion of 2.3 trees per inhabitant, the Smart Forest City is an Urban Forestry project that covers 557 hectares and is designed to accommodate up to 130,000 inhabitants, 362 hectares of plant surfaces and 120,000 plants belonging to 350 different species.

Public parks, private gardens, green roofs and green facades help create a visual and functional balance, while numerous solar panels and agricultural fields in order make it completely self-sufficient in terms of food and energy. Planned to host advanced research centers, professionals and students from all over the world, within the new Cancun the inhabitants have the possibility to move thanks to a system of navigable canals and to an internal and semiautomatic electric mobility, leaving their cars at the edge of the city.

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