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vatican news
interview with stefano boeri

On Vatican News an integral interview with the architect Stefano Boeri who renews the allivatican news | interview with stefano boeriance between small towns and cities, in the challenge of combining the structural renovation with the reweaving of social, economic and nature relations, also in light of the acquisitions generated by the Covid-19 pandemic isolation. The reflections and initiatives inspired by Pope Francis’ Encyclical Laudato Si’ on the care of Earth as a common home are a starting point to return to the heart of the nation affected by the 2016 earthquake: a part of Italy that if on the one hand teaches a renewed relationship between human beings and nature, on the other risk of disappearing from physical and existential geography.

“We must start from work, first of all, because work is the fundamental element of bond with a territory: work in pastoralism, agriculture, in the woods, but also intellectual work that broadband can allow”, says Stefano Boeri. “It will mean bringing health services and culture to citizens. A very high challenge that concerns a whole system of centers and villages scattered along the peninsula, which are part of an area of Italy transfigured by the earthquake but which was already the victim of very strong abandonment and depopulation processes”.

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