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Highlights villa méditerranée | the cosquer cave

villa méditerranée
the cosquer cave

Saturday 2 July about 30 volunteers of the FFESM (French Federation for Underwater Studies and Sport) accompanied 50 “water baptisms” in the Cosquer cave, under the overhang of the Villa Méditerranée, the cultural center designed by Boeri Studio with Ivan Di Pol, inaugurated in 2013.

The structure of the building, made of concrete and steel, is covered with a single skin, almost a continuous band that covers the vertical and horizontal surfaces indiscriminately. The constituent principle of the project is the dialogue between architecture and the sea, which is hosted within the building becoming an integral part of the project. Since June 2022, the building houses the reproduction of the Cosquer Cave, one of the most interesting submerged caves in the world, thanks to the presence of prehistoric graffiti dating back to about 27,000 years ago.

The news was covered by La Provence, Yahoo