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Highlights via roma and surroundings | stefano boeri

via roma and surroundings
stefano boeri


On Monday, May 6th at 6 PM in Cagliari, the event “Via Roma and Surroundings, The Waterfront and the City on Water” will take place, where Stefano Boeri and Ginevra Balletto, urban planner from UNICA, will engage in dialogue with Paolo Truzzu, former mayor of Cagliari, and the mayoral candidates Emanuela Corda, Giuseppe Farris, Massimo Zedda.

The event, promoted by Progetto Sardegna, features Stefano Boeri presenting the project “A Green Promenade for Cagliari’s Seafront,” focusing on the value of the seafront as a permeable element of connection – both physical and visual – between the city and the sea.

The project, presented by the temporary grouping of MATE Società Cooperativa, Stefano Boeri Architetti, StudioSilva, S.T.P., MIC-HUB, with archaeologist Demis Massimiliano Murgia, following the competition won for the redefinition of the waterfront of Cagliari, includes the redevelopment of the promenade of Via Roma, an intervention on the waterfront, and the arrangement of Piazza Matteotti.

The new urban and landscape intervention aims to restore the social and environmental value of the seafront of Cagliari, through a green promenade that recalls the original 19th-century function of Via Roma. Starting from the Cagliari tradition of tree-lined avenues, the project defines a continuous, pedestrian, and shaded public space that functions as a “green lung” and connector, both longitudinally between the FFSS Station and Piazza Ingrao, and transversally – between the city and the sea. In this way, the new promenade triggers the creation of a new park and an open space for the city, becoming a connecting element between the waterfront and the main public functions that overlook it, enhancing the entire area from a cultural, social, and environmental perspective.

Renato Soru, former president of the Region of Sardinia, will also participate in the event.

For more information and for live streaming: link to Progetto Sardegna Facebook page