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Highlights SUSAS 2017 | The future city forum debuts with Boeri in Shanghai

SUSAS 2017
The future city forum debuts with Boeri in Shanghai

December 15th 2017

Stefano Boeri Architetti presents at SUSAS the first Future City Forum organized with the Italian Consulate in China and TOTO China. The Forum debuts on December 15th 2017 with the presence of Stefano Boeri, main curator of the Shanghai Urban Space and Art Season entitled “This-Connection – Sharing a Future Public Space”.

With the development of the city, the meaning of space for people is no longer just a place to live. Emerging sectors such as the Internet, artificial intelligence and virtual reality continue to influence the relationship between human and space. Exploring the natural and social environment is changing people’s expectations. The skyscrapers grow at the expense of vast areas of fields and fertile land, urbanization continues to bring pollution. What is the future of our planet? How will the city be in the future? How will the relationship between man and space be? The Future City Forum will investigate the development of cities and future planetary spaces with experts and scholars of architecture, design, ecology, food and innovation.

Stefano Boeri and the conference guests will share their respective visions of urban life, public space and human lifestyle, each bringing their own experience and professional point of view. With Stefano Boeri and Yibo Xu, partner director of SBA China, the guests: Roberto Pagani (counselor of General Consulate of Italy in Shanghai), Li Xiangning, Fang Zhenning, with an audience of about 200 people.