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Highlights parliamo di aria pulita | stefano boeri architetti

parliamo di aria pulita
stefano boeri architetti

Parliamo di Aria Pulita

In the wake of the Health and Environment Alliance’s (HEAL) initiative, which has prepared a scientific communication kit to provide organisations and NGOs with the tools they need to move in the field of health protection and air quality, the Euro-Mediterranean Black Sea Observatory is proposing an in-depth talk on these issues entitled Parliamo di aria pulita (Let’s talk about Clean Air), with the participation of the Research Department of Stefano Boeri Architetti.

On Tuesday September 26th at 5 p.m., the event, whose theme is ‘Promoting air quality: how to communicate scientific knowledge’, features a round table of experts focusing on issues such as how to convey the right data, illustrate scientific results and navigate the field of information, and what strategies to put in place to create successful communication and deal with fake news in the field of environmental health.

Other participants at the event include: Matteo Caldera, Mechanical Engineer, ENEA researcher; Elena Del Pup, Researcher in Agricultural Biotechnology, founder of ‘The Good Scientists’; Hon. Vanna Gava, Deputy Minister for the Environment and Energy Security; Francesco Romizi, Journalist, ISDE communication manager; Marco Talluri, Journalist and environmental communicator.

Introduced by Vera Chinellato, Head of Secretariat, Project Development Fispmed onlus; moderated by Ginevra Amadio, from Fispmed Onlus.

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