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Highlights nanjing vertical forest | building site

nanjing vertical forest
building site

Work in progress on Nanjing Vertical Forest!

Nanjing Vertical Forest, the highest vertical forest by Stefano Boeri Architetti, under construction in Nanjing, will soon be completed.
Nanjing Vertical Forest, consisting of two green towers and a common podium, houses more than 800 trees, with the aim of contributing to the restoration of biodiversity and the absorption of particulate matter in a dense and polluted urban context such as Nanjing. The project, which will become an important reference for urban and vertical forestry in China, will be open to citizens and will host commercial, recreational and educational functions.

The two towers—connected by a common base—are animated by a high functional mix: they include offices from the eighth to the thirty-fifth floor, along with commercial areas, a museum, a green architecture school, and reception spaces on the rooftop. The base, a connecting element between public and private space, reaches a height of 20 meters and hosts commercial, recreational, and educational functions, including multi-brand shops, restaurants, conference halls, a food market, and some exhibition spaces.

Nanjing Vertical Forest represents an advancement in terms of the adaptability of the Vertical Forest typology, which counts several examples in different climatic zones, each responding to specific needs. In line with the typology’s characteristics, the Chinese intervention proposes a new form of integration between architecture and living nature and a new way of imagining cities; by unifying responses to pollution reduction and concentration of significant green space with minimal land consumption, Stefano Boeri Architetti’s project for Nanjing continues the policy of urban afforestation aimed at improving city life and community well-being.