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Highlights klima festival 2023 | stefano boeri

klima festival 2023
stefano boeri


On the 23rd and 24th of November, the Klima Festival 2023, an international event focusing on ecological transition in various sectors, is held in Berlin, with the participation of Stefano Boeri.

The objectives of the Festival include: learning about innovative concepts and ideas for ecological transition; coming into contact with examples of best practice; actively participating in numerous practical workshops or workbenches; exchanging knowledge and networking; becoming part of the community that is thinking about the sustainable construction and operation of buildings; shaping the future of living spaces.

On Friday November 24th, at 5 p.m., Stefano Boeri presents Green Obsession, an overview of the green projects and philosophy of the Stefano Boeri Architetti studio, which aims to integrate living nature as a load-bearing component of architectural design.

“No matter how much we can prevent or diminish our impact on the Planet, the only technology that is able to absorb the CO2 already emitted – and therefore, in a certain sense, make up for what we have already done – is the one created by plants, by forests, through chlorophyll photosynthesis .
There is no artificial technology that can or will do what nature already does on its own. Therefore, implementing vegetation in our cities can help us combat the challenges of the climate crisis. Urban planning and
urban design must help in this respect. The benefits are countless: from lowering temperatures by counteracting the heat island effect, a topic that is as topical as ever, to the absorption of particulate matter from urban pollution; from the implementation of biodiversity to the enormous health benefits for citizens. Embracing living nature in the urban environment is not an easy exercise, but it is a challenge that must be taken up”, says Stefano Boeri.

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