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Highlights house of the future | commitioner castelli visit

house of the future
commitioner castelli visit

On Friday, April 21, Stefano Boeri and 2016 Earthquake Repair and Reconstruction Commissioner Guido Castelli visited the 15% completed House of the Future construction site. The project, designed by Stefano Boeri Architetti, involves the reconstruction of the Don Minozzi Complex in Amatrice, a historic site of great importance to the city and the entire territory, which was hit by the 2016 earthquake. The huge complex owned by the Opera Nazionale per il Mezzogiorno d’Italia had suffered extensive damage in the earthquake. The project by Stefano Boeri Architetti, while maintaining the previous volumes, is an innovative work in terms of functions, materials and working processes.

Along with Commissioner Castelli, Amatrice Mayor Giorgio Cortellesi, the Secretary General of the Opera Nazionale per il Mezzogiorno d’Italia, Don Cesare Faiazza, Reconstruction Councillor Manuela Rinaldi and Lazio Special Reconstruction Office Director Stefano Ferrante also participated in the inspection.

“We are happy today to have with us Extraordinary Commissioner Castelli, Regional Councillor Ferrante and Mayor Cortellesi, we feel the attention of the institutions,” says Stefano Boeri. “This is a project that represents the symbol of the rebirth of an entire territory. Don Minozzi has been one of the great social and community engines of Amatrice in the past and today it is reborn. And it is reborn while fully maintaining its identity as a place for young people to meet and be trained. We are happy about this.”

The news was also picked up by national newspapers such as Rai News, Corriere di Rieti, La Repubblica