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Highlights homo faber 2020 | press conference

homo faber 2020
press conference

Tuesday 11 February, the press conference and presentation of the “Homo Faber 2020 – Crafting a more Human future” project takes place, as a cultural exhibition that celebrates the best of craftsmanship, shedding light on European and Japanese “living treasures”, with 17 exhibitions that show master and exceptional objects curated by a team of world-class leaders in the fields of design and architecture. An international cultural event that celebrates human and professional skills to connect contemporary, traditional, unique and rare craftsmanship to the world of design. The exhibition will take place between 10 September and 11 October 2020, at the Giorgio Cini Foundation, in the heart of Venice, on the islands of San Giorgio Maggiore.

Stefano Boeri Architetti – already protagonist of Homo Faber 2018 with the Best of Europe exhibition – participates in the 2020 edition by designing the exhibition curated by Jean Blanchaert entitled “Next of Europe“, turning attention to the master craftsmen who dedicate their time to transmit professional skills to subsequent generations through apprenticeships and training. Visitors will be able to admire works of art created by masters who embody this philosophy, witnessing different phases of the creative process, observing how simple materials are made sophisticated by the touch of skilled and creative hands.