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Highlights cittadellascolta | january 22nd

january 22nd

Wednesday, January 22 an intervention by the architect Stefano Boeri within the cycle of meetings of the CittadellAscolta, eighth edition of the event during which two different views of the city are compared: the first intended as a place where houses, streets, squares are distributed and in which urban planning favours the distribution of services, shops, industrial plants, housing; the second as the space where the union is based on reciprocal relationships and bonds rather than on material bonds.

Starting from the reflection of Giorgio La Pira linked to the importance of giving a soul to the city and humanizing urban culture, promoting and defending the dignity of the human person and his inalienable rights, the architect’s words turn their attention to the theme of Ethics towards Nature, conscious planning and Urban Forestry. The meeting is scheduled for 8.45 pm in the Sala Emmaus of the patronage Pius X. For more information, see the link: