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Highlights altrove 2023 | livia shamir

altrove 2023
livia shamir

Livia Shamir partecipa a Altrove 2023

On Saturday 23 September, the Astoria Theatre in Lerici hosts Altrove 2023, a TEDx event featuring as speaker Livia Shamir, Project Leader of the Research Department of Stefano Boeri Architetti.

The theme of the meeting is “Where is Elsewhere?” – Elsewhere is the space of discomfort, the other place, the one made up of our insecurities and uncertainties, the one we explore with more effort and difficulty with our body and mind. We grow up spontaneously setting ourselves boundaries, we live and move naturally and without realising it within walls that allow us to lead a life in our comfort zone, between barriers that seemingly give us the security to face daily challenges.

We grow up being unaware of our limits, imposing them on ourselves and surrounding ourselves with them, because it is easier that way, because the unknown frightens.
Often, however, those walls that seem so comforting and give us security, are actually boundaries and barriers that exclude and divide. They contribute, in turn, to increasing the distances between us and what seems to be beyond us. The walls become higher and higher, the spaces narrower and narrower, and we become more and more alone.
In a world that is pushing haphazardly and often confusingly towards integration and social inclusion, we aim to explore the Elsewhere with you.

The TEDxLerici 2023, aims at overcoming those barriers, trying to break down some of them, to meet in the Elsewhere, discovering and marvelling at the Other we have not yet met.

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