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On Lectura Press an article that announces the need to integrate greenery into architecture and urban planning, favoring the emergence of sustainable buildings, in opposition to climate change. Considering creativity as a fundamental element for obtaining new solutions, the Vertical Forest of Milan is presented as an illustrious example able to accommodate plants and shrubs that become dwellings for new biodiversity and act as a filter for fine dust and thermal insulation in summer periods.

The theme of Urban Forestry and the consequent reduction of the “heat island” effect in the metropolis, is highlighted by the calculations of the Fraunhofer Institute of Buildings Physics in Stuttgart, which shows how in the case of large green roofs, the contribution of heat is reduced from 30 to 60 percent, starting from a substrate of only 10 centimeters. While gravel roofs have to cope with extreme temperatures, those for green roofs vary between 25 ° C and just below 0 ° C, allowing construction materials to last longer, having to withstand significantly less thermal stress.

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