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Homepage en la maddalena, eterotopia g30 | stefano boeri’s speech

la maddalena, eterotopia g30 | stefano boeri’s speech

From G8 to G30: an international meeting at the Arsenal as a starting point to reimagine the future of La Maddalena.
It is here that on September 23rd, 2018, Stefano Boeri took part in Eterotopia and met 130 young participants from 30 countries of the world – students and professionals – who came to the island for a multidisciplinary workshop on solutions for the recovery and enhancement of territory, aimed to sharing proposals for the preservation of the region’s marine landscape and biodiversity.
In the place where La Maddalena’s hope for rebirth converge, Stefano Boeri invited young people to share visions for the future of the Planet.