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Press release archdaily | the top 25 architecture interviews of 2019

the top 25 architecture interviews of 2019

On Archdaily a selection of the 25 best interviews of 2019, between innovation and knowledge, food for thought and design. An international excursus in which Stefano Boeri appears, alongside David Briggs, Mario Botta, Tom Kundig, Amin Taha and the most prestigious studios, including O-Office, Studio Gang, Supervoid and Topotek.

The architect’s words present the fundamental principles and the line of thought followed by Stefano Boeri Architetti in order to design the Bosco Verticale in Milan, intended as a model for a new typology of buildings able to welcome the green element as an inhabitant of the architecture itself and not as a facade decoration. The importance of research, mixed with design, is one of the cornerstones that leads to the creation of self-sufficient buildings capable of countering the current climate crisis, by absorbing CO2 and dealing with urban fine dust. Accepting unpredictability, giving importance to the social value of contemporary architecture and imagining green cities are the three founding points of a thought that leads to the birth of projects such as the Smart Forest City of Cancun, the Tirana2030 masterplan or the Trudo Vertical Forest, all protagonists of a wider concept of Urban Forestry.

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