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i 43 alberi della radura della memoria
radura della memoria

i 43 alberi della Radura della memoria

The book The 43 Trees of the Radura della Memoria (Various Attempts at Poetry) by Olmo Quercus, published for Studio Byblos, includes 43 poems and images taken from visual art for each tree that makes up the Radura della Memoria, a project conceived by Stefano Boeri Architetti, Inside Outside | Petra Blaisse and Luca Vitone, with the participation of Studio Laura Gatti and Metrogramma, dedicated to the 43 victims of the tragedy of the Morandi Bridge collapse in August 2018.

The intervention consists of a circular wooden podium with a diameter of 50 m, inside which are placed 43 different tree species, whose variety recalls the typical biodiversity of the Mediterranean maquis. The radial composition is a wooden structure made from the fir trees felled on 29 October 2018 by the storm Vaia in the Carnic forests of north-eastern Italy, and demonstrates a constant focus on climate change and the ecological impact of the choice of materials. The trees, with their roots wrapped in protective fibres, are placed in large pots for acclimatisation, and favour with their presence the creation of an intimate space suitable for meditation and reading. The podium, accessible and publicly accessible, invites commemoration and resting in the shade of foliage of different shapes and colours. The south-facing opening allows visitors to reach the heart of the installation.

The circular wooden podium is not only a path slightly raised from the ground, but also a place to stand. The structure is 45 cm high and 6.50 m wide and can be accessed via steps on both the outside and inside, inviting one to experience the shade of the trees, each one different from the other.

The book: