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Meet Design | Rome

Meet Design Rome



Rome, Turin, ITALY




RCS Media Group

Meet Design in the Trajan Markets in Rome is a big historical exhibition of unusual design pieces dating from 1948 till today, which narrates the extraordinary work of Italian designers and entrepreneurs. A taxonomy of objects unravels in a Darwinian form, from room to room, a sequence in which it is possible to recognize hybridizations and evolutions, but also interruptions in the use of materials, forms and ideas throughout the years. The emphasis was laid on the tradition of the space and, at the same time, on the present: a river of objects that penetrates the Trajan Markets, using its peculiar light to create a game of subtle reflections that leads the visitor through the different spaces in a seamless continuum. Pathways and archipelagos in reflective and opaque glass are used as flexible elements displaying, in different contexts, the objects of Italian everyday life, culture and know-how.