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The Austrian website publishes an article dedicated to green buildings and the perspectives of this architectural practice, starting with Boeri Studio’s Bosco Verticale as a first example of the integration of the natural element into the project.

The article considers the Bosco Verticale as a prototype of a new way of doing architecture: completed in 2014 in the Porta Nuova district, the intervention hosts 800 trees on its façades (480 first and second size trees, 300 smaller ones, 15,000 perennial and/or ground cover plants and 5,000 shrubs. A vegetation equivalent to that of 30,000 square metres of forest and undergrowth, concentrated on 3,000 square metres of urban area.
Contrary to ‘mineral’ façades made of glass or stone, the vegetal screen of the Bosco does not reflect or amplify the sun’s rays, but filters them, generating a cosy indoor microclimate without harmful effects on the environment. At the same time, the green curtain “regulates” humidity, produces oxygen and absorbs CO2 and particulate matter.

The Bosco Verticale has thus become a symbol and a case study, used as inspiration for towers and green buildings: the article presents some international examples where green façades, roof gardens and other ways of incorporating the vegetal component into the architectural design are being experimented with, with all the environmental benefits associated with being close to living nature.

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