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stefano boeri in la garbatella

RaiNews visits the Roman neighborhood la Garbatella together with architect and urban planner Stefano Boeri who reflects on the strong historical and social identity of this garden-suburb. A project on which -almost hundred years ago- have worked the best architects and urban planners of the time, from Gustavo Giovannoni to Piacentini and Sabbatini, and that today represents an important model of regeneration and new construction of the suburbs.

“A real urban, social and cultural miracle. A neighborhood made of green spaces, urban gardens, small villas and of an open system of public spaces, almost as an anticipation of the current sharing systems. […] Garbatella is also an example of a place that has been able to keep a strong local identity and also a dense urban fabric, a lot of fantasy, the articulation of the public spaces and the cultural variety of its inhabitants. This is not a ghetto, here there citizens with different incomes, ambitions, cultural traditions and this is the city. The meeting place between the architecture density and the cultural variety of its inhabitants”.


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