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On Saturday November 11th, as part of the Rai News 24 news programme, Stefano Boeri was interviewed about the housing situation in Milan today.

The city of Milan, which has had an exponential economic, urban planning and real estate acceleration after the Expo2015 experience, today sees a housing situation with not a few difficulties – with an increase in rents that is unsustainable for young people and the less affluent classes, and a depopulation of the historic centre, in favour of short-term rental realities.

“Milan has become attractive to large multinationals, tourists and international students, but today a major effort is being made to ensure that these young people, instead of living in the city only during their university years, without being able to stay because of the cost of renting, stay and make Milan what it should be: a place where the dynamic forces of society reside.
However, there are also initiatives that are attempting to provide answers to these problems: the first and most relevant is certainly a major investment in social housing for rent – i.e. on a lowered rent that allows those who have an income just above the public housing rankings, but are unable to access the free housing market, to invest in the future” says Stefano Boeri.

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